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Capturing The Moments That You Want Saved

Private Events

Over the past 16 years, I have had the honour of being invited by event organizer to attend private events as one of their official event photographers, because the organizers and the attendees of these event would prefer that there are not random people taking photos and not knowing where these photos will end up.  The photos of the official photographers are only shared with the event host who then chooses what images to use and who of their guests do not want to be in photos. Even the people who are the subjects of a particular photo can not be given copies until the event host has seen the images first and decided what images positively impacts their brand.


In days past, boudoir photo shoots were done by women who wanted to share something special with a partner. While doing a sensual photo shoot to share with a partner is still true, more an more women are doing these types of shoots for themselves. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes are finding out that a boudoir photoshoot is the perfect way to begin their journey to self love and empowerment. 
I find that if I have a conversation with a client in the days leading up to the shoot, I can not only find what they are looking for and to plan the shoot.  This can also assists in the client feeling more comfortable during the shoot. 

Alt Lifestyle shoots

As a trusted photographer in the Toronto  alternative lifestyle circles and events, I am often asked  to do private lifestyle photo shoots by people in those circles that are familiar with my work and the discretion that I am known for.
The job of the photographer is not to judge clients, but to capture the subject in the best way that they can and to bring enjoyment to the client when they see the final product. I is important to note that these photos are never shared online  or offline, except with the client. The photos that I share are ones that I have written consent of the client, It is the client who chooses the select images I can use in my portfolios.



Age  of Consent Disclaimer

All subjects and models were over 18 at the time of captureing the photographs


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